No billions, no service: 432 Park will be getting a “private restaurant”

Forget OpenTable: the only way to snag a table at Shaun Hergatt’s new restaurant at 432 Park is to actually own an apartment in 432 Park (or be friends with someone who does).

Hergatt, who ran the Michelin-star restaurant Juni until it closed in May, is partnering with Scott Sozmen of Per Se and Jean-Georges to open a full-floor “private restaurant” in 432 Park in the fall, that will have a 5,000-square-foot terrace and a lounge area. Only residents of the building and their guests will be allowed to eat in it. Michael Scaffidi is designing the wine program.

During a recent lunch at the now-closed Four Seasons Restaurant, co-owner Alex von Bidder told LLNYC that he went to tour 432 Park Avenue as a possible new location for the restaurant, but that he was concerned not enough residents would actually spend time in the building to make it worthwhile. Indeed, this restaurant may end up being so exclusive that it may end up being almost entirely empty.