You may one day be able to wear your favorite celebrities’ skin

(credit: GabboT and Ed Kavishe via Wikipedia)

You may be proud to wear your latest Alexander McQueen ensemble, but what about actually wearing Alexander McQueen himself?

That very well might be the future if Central Saint Martins graduate Tina Gorjanc has her way. The fashion designer has released a collection she calls “Pure Human,” which is modeled after the designer Alexander McQueen’s skin. She theorizes that the collection — which features jackets and accessories with patterns resembling McQueen’s freckles and tattoos (they are now made from pigskin) — could one day be grown out of his DNA samples. In addition to displaying the clothes, she is also displaying a lock of his hair and “skinlike samples” of the late designer’s in a glass cabinet nearby.

Legally, Gorjanc can apply for a patent for the genetic information samples, from which she believes she can grow additional skin using stem cells.

“I know many people have been made uncomfortable by the work I’ve been doing, calling it Frankenfashion, but I think I am prompting the right sort of questions for this industry in the 21st century,” Gorjanc told the Times. Right now, it seems like her primary goal is to raise awareness that such uses of people’s DNA (without their permission) is possible. #Creepy.