Lawns of the super rich are destroying this East Hampton pond

Georgica Pond, a 190-acre coastal lagoon in East Hampton, is a little different from other bodies of water in the Hamptons. This one doesn’t glisten — in fact the New York Post describes it as the color of pea soup.

The reason for the tasty analogy? Pollution.

The Post reports that pesticides, used in the gardens of many of the 74 stately homes which surround the pond, are leaking into the water. As is nitrogen and phosphorus which come from household wastewater i.e. cesspools.

The pea-soup-pond — which is near the homes of Steven Spielberg and developer Harry Macklowe — was closed earlier in the month after toxicity levels climbed too high.

“We are at a tipping point. We need to take a hard look at the future in order to have sustainable clean water for future generations,” Rick Drew, one of the East Hampton town trustees responsible for Georgica Pond, told the Post.

In 2012, a resident’s Jack Russell terrier reportedly died after drinking the pond water.

At that point a wealthy and powerful group of residents got together to form their own group, Friends of Georgica Pond Foundation, which officially launched last August.

According to the Post, there are no rules or guidelines to stop homeowners from using harmful fertilizers on their pristine lawns, but many now have vegetation buffer zones to help soak up some of the chemical runoff. [NYP]