Soylent founder is angering his LA neighbors with his giant red shipping container home

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Above the neighborhoods of Lincoln Heights and Montecito Heights in Los Angeles, there’s open space known as Flat Top. According to Curbed, recent visitors to the popular hiking spot have found the space obstructed by a bright red shipping container. Curious indeed.

Enter Robert Rhinehart. The founder and CEO of the trendy meal replacement drink, Soylent, is the owner of the big red “eco home” and the patch of land beneath it.

Not only does the entrepreneur allegedly not have the proper permits for his “experiment in sustainable living,” but neighbors report that the container has become a graffiti-covered nuisance that’s attracting criminal activity.

In addition, locals are also upset about the July Fourth party Rhinehart threw on the property, which reportedly left the hilltop covered in trash and leftover pork the following day.

“There is no evidence of illegal activity taking place on the property,” said Rhinehart in an email to Curbed. “I have private security conduct regular inspections.” He also says he’s recently decided to relocate the container, though he did not specify when.

All we know is that a container that looks like this must not make a very comfortable eco home. [Curbed]

Inside a big #red #shippingcontainer up in #lincolnheights, covered in #graffitiart . This is #DTLA !

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