Hamptons chatter: Private screenings for pets, Jill Zarin’s party & more

1) “The Secret Life of Pets” may be more glamorous than you expected — at least for a few lucky pooches. Professional poker player Beth Shak rented out an entire theater in East Hampton to screen the movie for — you guessed it — her dog. “Mila loves to watch movies with dogs in them, but I knew if I took her to a regular movie theater she would bark all the way through it,” she told the Post.

2) The best things in life are free — especially if you’re Justin Bieber. Bieber really, really, really wanted to spend twelve nights in the famed Sandcastle mansion in the Hamptons (which typically rents for $550,000 for two weeks), but when it was occupied, the home’s owner, Hamptons home builder Joe Farrell, took pity on the Biebs and offered him a stay in another of his homes — for free.

3) Another year, another crazy Hamptons party at Jill Zarin’s place. This time, drag racer Joe Amato reportedly helicoptered in and landed across the water from the party (he then had an “a military tank that can float” come pick him up).

4) Georgica Pond, a 190-acre coastal lagoon in East Hampton, is a little different from other bodies of water in the Hamptons. This one doesn’t glisten — in fact the New York Post describes it as the color of pea soup. The reason for the tasty analogy? Pollution. The Post reports that pesticides, used in the gardens of many of the 74 stately homes which surround the pond, are leaking into the water.

5) Remember that Bravo TV show about the Hamptons that they promised wouldn’t be anything like “Jersey Shore”? Well that promise may not have been completely true. The film crew showed up to Christie Brinkley’s party to celebrate her cover on “Social Life” magazine. They were supposedly filming two girls fighting on a couch. #classy.

6) But speaking of wild parties, the #sprayathon saga continues, as the owner of the home where the party took place, Omar Amanat, has been arrested on charges of fraud. Now, the guy who threw the party, Brett Barna, is trying to tell his side of the story. “If you looked at photos from other parties held that weekend in the Hamptons,” he told the Times. “You would find plenty that were a lot worse.”

7) Want an inexpensive, healthy workout when you’re in the Hamptons? Well forget it! Surf Lodge, in Montauk, wanted to offer free yoga to the public but their request was denied due to a “zoning issue.” They can still offer it to hotel guests.