Investors are running scared from Damien Hirst

It might be time to rethink that massive shark floating in your living room. Besides possibly leaking dangerous fumes into your home and costing an absolute fortune to maintain, it turns out artist Damien Hirst’s trendy art works aren’t very good investments either.

Hirst’s cache among contemporary art collectors is falling, according to the Daily Mail, with prices down 30 percent from their 2008 peak. Now, one in three of his works are failing to sell at auction.

However, this is all coming from a particularly “Daily Mail-ish” Daily Mail article (at one point the author pauses to plug his own crime novel which apparently lampoons Hirst and the rest of the art world. How brave). And not all of the hate spewed at Hirst is warranted.

Hirst is the most successful living artist ever, and it’s true that he has a knack for flashy self-promotion. For both these reasons he is bound to attract haters.

But the Daily Mail is only able to criticize Hirst for the lamest reasons – when there are surely more intellectual reasons to call out Hirst.

“Artists should be able to draw, paint or sculpt, says the ordinary person, but all Hirst and his ilk can do is shock,“ writes the Mail despite offering zero evidence that these are thing he cannot do.

It’s the same sort of argument conservative nitwits have lobbed at the avant garde for the last century. We are waiting for the Daily Mail’s next hit piece on Marcel Duchamp and his fountain. Outrageous! [Daily Mail]