This luxury hotel in London is the bee’s knees

What’s the most luxurious hotel amenity you can think of: tailored suits from Bergdorf Goodman’s? Pillow conciergesFree wi-fi?

Well the Taylors of Harrogate tea company has just opened up its own luxury hotel, and it offers somewhat stranger options for its guests — including a rhubarb sugar water bath, a disco room, a restaurant that serves only rose lemonade and a pool sprinkled with mint leaves.


Unsurprisingly, this hotel is not meant to attract humans, but rather bees. The tea company has built this luxury hotel for bees because 1) it’s adorable and 2) to draw attention to bees’ declining populations due to pollution and the disappearance of their traditional habitats.

Of course, like people, not every bee is lucky enough to enjoy the taste of luxury and Taylors offers some ideas for how you can build a more modest bee hotel in your very own home, including planting flowers like snowdrops, lavender, sage, sunflowers, poppy and buttercup.