Christian Louboutin designed these super stylish uniforms for the Cuban Olympic team

The fashion world has embraced Cuba in a big way this year (see: Karl Lagerfeld’s amazing Resort 2017 show), and now the trend continues with Christian Louboutin, who just announced that he is outfitting the Cuban Olympic team for the closing ceremony in Rio this year.

The iconic designer collaborated with the French sports “e-concept store” SportyHenri.Com to produce the clothes, which obviously include some very fancy footwear (kitten heels for the ladies, high top trainers for men), as well as tailored jackets (with Cuba’s flag emblazoned on the pocket), and trousers, shorts and skirts.

“At the Olympics, it feels like these athletes put on performance gear and simultaneously turn into these superheroes that defy gravity, that defy time, that defy all rules of physics. We designed the celebratory outfit for the moment they turn back into humans, still in that glory moment, still in their light but heading back to the real world,” Louboutin said in a statement.

Honestly, compared to the uber preppy uniforms Ralph Lauren designed for the US Olympic team,  these stylish ensembles the Cubans get to wear are making us slightly jealous. At least we’ll still look about a million times cooler than Georgia.