Erin Heatherton’s neighbors are suing her for making “unreasonable levels of noise”

Photo credit: David Shankbone via Wikipedia

A model tenant she’s not. Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton (real name Erin Bubley) is being sued by her neighbors at 1 Morton Square in the West Village for “allowing unreasonable levels of noise and bass vibrations to emanate from the Unit into the Condominium’s common areas and adjacent units late at night and into the early morning hours,” according to a lawsuit filed yesterday.

It seems that Heatherton, who purchased the two-bedroom, two bathroom apartment in 2012 for almost $1.8 million, received seven written warnings from the condo board about the noise between August 2015 to June 2016, including a cease desist notice in February. The suit alleges that the noise still continues despite the warnings and that it “interferes with the ability of the Condominium’s unit owners and residents to enjoy their units” not to mention it’s a “nuisance.”

For this “ongoing breach of the Condominium’s governing documents,” the condo board is asking for $16,000 worth of fines, as well as attorney’s fees and all other costs associated with the suit. 

The Post reached out to Heatherton, who responded that the allegations are “not true” and recommended they discuss it with her publicist.

  • Richard

    Sue the sh*t out of her. $16K plus costs won’t teach her a lesson in common decency.

  • Glenn Diestel

    Late at night she’s gotta keep light, California donuts in her nose and erotic asphyxiation with those panty hose. The model lifestyle cool when its new until your a has been and it’s thru with you!