Calling all freaks: An exclusive L.A. sex club wants your NYC home

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Grab your whips and lace up your corsets, Los Angeles’ exclusive, erotic members-only club, Snctm, is headed to NYC.

Starting September 10th the private club, which holds its “Eyes Wide Shut” parties monthly in L.A.’s Holmby Hills neighborhood, will start a quarterly party in Manhattan — and they are currently hunting for a venue.

Snctm founder Damon Lawner
Snctm founder Damon Lawner

According to Page Six, Snctm owner Damon Lawner is scouting the city for a private townhouse or a loft for his members, who he says include A-list actors, models, top lawyers and CEOs. Lawner also plans to throw a party in a discreet mansion in the Hamptons on September 16th.

“Guests have to be masked when they enter the party; men wear tuxes and women wear elegant gowns or lingerie; but after midnight, masks and other items of clothing fall off.” said Lawner to Page Six. “The first few hours are about mystique and intrigue. This is not a sex party — it is erotic theater. We have performances. Some just watch while others want to indulge.”

A Snctm event
A Snctm event

Lawner, who refuses to name any of his clients, told Page Six that memberships start at $10,000 and go up to $50,000 for “Dominus members.” He explained, “There are true A-list actors and businesspeople who attend, some who have a hard time leaving the house without being chased by the paparazzi. They prefer to remove their masks in the Dominus chambers. It is a safer place for them.”

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