New Parisian hotel might come with the city’s best views

Want flawless river views on your next Parisian escapade? Then you might want to consider checking into one of the city’s newest hotels.

Hotel Off Paris Seine, which opened June 23rd, is the first hotel and bar on the water in Paris – it’s moored right on the Seine.

The floating hotel comes with 54 rooms, four suites, a bar with cocktails and tapas, a plunge pool and a marina.

From the narrow plunge pool, you get a singular view of the Pont Charles de Gaulle and both the Pont and Viaduc d’Austerlitz. And because Off is a trendy new hotel, there are of course over-the-top pool accessories – like the gold, swan-shaped inflatable.

According to Bloomberg the barge was commissioned by the hoteliers rather than repurposed, so you can expect to find familiar hotel features, like a traditional reception desk.

Prices for the 58 standard rooms start at €124 ($137) and the suites from €256 ($283). [Bloomberg]