A dachshund is disputing his $100K inheritance in surrogacy court

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Winnie Pooh the dachshund wants his trust fund. Or rather, his caretaker, Virginia Hanlon, does and she’s gone to surrogacy court over the $100,000 inheritance she says he is owed by his late owner’s executor.

According to Hanlon, the executor of the will, Harriet Harkavy, was supposed to set up a trust for Winnie, but so far has only given out $10-a-year for his care, forcing Hanlon to shell out the money herself.

“It’s insane. They’re waiting until the dog dies to give out the money,” she told DNA Info.

Winnie’s former owner, Patricia Bowers, was an economist who was unmarried and had no kids, and left the dog to Hanlon because she regularly cared for Winnie. Her instructions stated that whatever money was left in the trust when Winnie died should go to the Animal Medical Center in Sutton Place.

Hanlon estimates that she needs $5,000-a-year for Winnie’s expenses, plus $1,000-a-year for her own service and claims she has only received $2.36-a-quarter since Bowers died in 2010 (though she did get sent a $6,000 check for Winnie’s surgery). Harkavy once suggested that the trust be invaded so that $30,000 of it would go to Winnie’s care and $70,000 would go to the Animal Medical Center — a plan that Hanlon thought would not properly cover Winnie’s expenses.

Harkavy claims she has acted appropriated and wrote in an email to DNA Info “”I have no idea what’s she’s after.” Part of her court filings include emails she sent Hanlon asking about the dog’s trust and well-being. Harkavy also claims Hanlon did not cash some of the checks she sent her. [DNAinfo]