$975 perfume comes with notes of whale secretion

(Image Credit : rojaparfums.com)
(Image Credit : rojaparfums.com)

Roja Dove, a perfumer who forged his career by crafting fragrances for the British upper crust from his Mayfair parfumerie, has a new release – the $975Britannia.”

Described on his website as, “Regal opulent luxury,” Britanna has just become available at our very own Bergdorf Goodman.

“I wanted to create a very self-assured scent; something that feels familiar yet also unexpected,” Dove’s website states, “That sense of quality you can’t quite put your finger on, as I believe that is what the British are like.”

Britannia, Bloomberg informs us, is a warm and floral scent, with base notes of cinnamon and cloves and hints of violet, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, citrus, and the oh-so-expensive (and pretty gross) ambergris – fresh from a sperm whale’s intestines.

The scent is unisex, after all, as Dove told Bloomberg, “A rose has neither a penis nor a vagina!” [Bloomberg]