8 over-the-top spa treatments coming to a luxury hotel near you

A spa the Four Seasons
A spa the Four Seasons

Gone are the days of heading to a fancy hotel and simply getting high-thread-count sheets and a great massage. Nowadays, luxury hotels around the world are now offering the latest in over-the-top wellness fads to help you look and feel good. To help clients stay on the top of their fitness and sleep games, high-end properties have thought of everything. And we mean everything…

Bloomberg looked at a sampling of the most “now” wellness offerings used today to combat common traveler complaints:

Freeze your butt off: With a nod to cryotherapy — a treatment in which one sits in minus 240-degree Fahrenheit cells for up to three minutes in order to de-stress, lose weight and have better circulation — the new Canyon Ranch Kaplankaya, on Turkey’s west coast, and the Carillon in Miami Beach have both installed their spas in igloos. Similarly at the Dolder Grand, in Zurich, the 43,000-square-foot spa includes a “Snow Paradise Room” that boasts fresh snow for the ultimate chill-out sesh.

IV Therapy: Hangovers and Vegas go hand-in-hand, so it makes sense the MGM Grand in Sin City (as well as the Maslow Hotel in Johannesburg) offer IV therapy administered by actual medical professionals.

Banish Jet Lag: Oxygen is something we rarely think about. But some hotels are now using it as a way to combat jet lag. A mere half-hour session in The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, in Arizona’s zero gravity nap pod is said to minimize the affects of traveling between time zones. Similarly, the Viceroy Snowmass, offers free Oxygen Inhalation Therapy, and Colorado resort, the Broadmoor, has an Oxygen Room filled with 88 percent pure O2. Another option is the “Stay Well” room offered in some properties that includes changeable lighting patterns to help regulate circadian rhythm.


Spiritual Healing: If all else fails, some hotels are breaking out some mystical solutions to traveler’s woes. Shamans, sweat lodges, and traditional rituals are not only a way to relax but also to soak in some local tradition. At Vana Malsi, in India’s Himalayan foothills, Tibetan acupressure massages and water baths are available. Aman will now offer entire retreats ranging from three days to two weeks dedicated to a fully immersive Ayurvedic practice.

Forest “Bathing”: Travelers are taught to slow down and be more mindful by meditative, leisurely walking in nature. It has actually been scientifically prove that this method lowers blood pressure, cortisol and nerve activity. Hotels like Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia, Six Senses Duoro Valley in Portugal and Blackberry Farm in Tennessee all boast nature settings where one can soak in forest surroundings. The Treehotel in Sweden even offers walkers reindeer skins to stay warm while out and about.

Meditate on this: Properties globally have hopped on the meditation train, some offering free sessions and others, like the Park Hyatt New York, who offer more in-depth (read: pricey) sessions. There one can partake in a one-on-one meditation workshop with experts from MNDFL, a boutique meditation studio, for $250 for 60 minutes when paired with a treatment.

One-of-a-kind facials: How can one perfect the perfect selfie when their moneymaker is not up to par? Because one-size-fits-all-facials are gauche, many hotels are now offering customized analysis before offering skincare. The My Blend facial by Claris (offered at Le Royal Monceau, in Paris, and the Ritz Carlton Toronto) starts with a diagnostic scan of your face. At the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, one is actually required to place one’s entire head in an analysis machine that then maps the face in 14 distinct zones.


Get salty: Everyone’s favorite condiment is now also aiding in immune function. Instead of ingesting it, some tony hotels hope guests will breathe it in or bathe in it. The Four Seasons Oahu, has two detoxifying Himalayan salt chambers in its spa so that you can breathe in dry salt air. Likewise, theWestin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Ariz. offers a mineral pool infused with salt from the Dead Sea.