The trendiest drink right now is champagne on the rocks (yes, really)

Cheers to the good life. #MoetMoment #MoetIce

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Last month, at a men’s fashion week party for the brand Orlebar Brown, my friend and I were slightly horrified to discover that the event’s signature cocktail was none other than Moët champagne — on ice.

Personally, I was not a fan of the watered down drink, which I felt ruined the taste of the champagne and I quickly switched to a lemonade and gin mixture they were serving instead. I figured the cocktail was just a fluke, but now, according to the Times, champagne on ice is the trendiest drink du jour,

“It has become more of a party drink,” Moët’s chef de cave told the Times. “New generations are looking for more freedom, a more casual approach.”

Moët has come out with two champagnes you can drink on ice: Moët Ice and Ice Impérial Rosé. There’s also Veuve Cliquot Rich. Apparently, these blends work because they are designed to be diluted with ice (in other words, you shouldn’t drink them by themselves).

If you’re interested in trying, the brand recommends using three large ice cubes (not crushed ice) to achieve the desired effect. [NYT]