Rich beautiful people are paying $4,100 to go hiking in Malibu and eat hardly any food

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For many, the point of a vacation is to relax, unwind and indulge in everything we deprive ourselves of during regular life (food, drinks, parties etc.). But if your life is essentially a vacation — whether because you’re a celebrity, a model, or just a very, very rich person — then the most luxurious thing you can do is to detox yourself from those very things.

At least, that’s what a whole crop of blessed people are doing at the Ranch, a so-called wellness retreat in (where else?) Malibu, where those with ample funds pay $4,100 for a four-day brutal hike through the woods, deprived of a reasonable amount of food, while enjoying Four Seasons accommodations, massages, hot tubs and lavender – scented towels.

According to a recent NY Mag article about the Ranch, it is a favored spot among celebrities and other über-successful people who have the money to delegate the responsibility for their well-being to someone else. After all, why should you test your own willpower when you can pay someone else to do it for you?

Fueled by dreams of a perfect body (“I imagined myself returning from California five pounds lighter, gleaming with superiority and a newfound love of raw vegetables,” the writer says), participants sweat it out on the trails, while engaging in some light networking and snapping lots and lots in Instagram pics.

Does it last? The writer says she lost five pounds, but gained three back almost immediately upon returning home, noting that maybe the whole appeal of wellness tourism is simply how expensive it is: “We spent a lot of money on something, and maybe that feels like a treat.” [NYMag]