Rosé chocolate is officially a thing

Rose chocolate bar
(Image Credit : Compartes Chocolatier)

It’s finally happened. The rosé take over of all things is upon us.

The fist sign of the impending domination was earlier this summer, with Sugarfina’s rosé gummy bears along with their 1,000-person waitlist. Then came the frosé (frozen rosé, and far better in theory than in practice). Now we present to you: rosé chocolate.

Concocted by Compartes Chocolatier, this pink bar is actually white chocolate infused with rosé wine and crystallized rose petals. One of the geometric and very Instagramable bars will set you back $9.95, and as Delish points out, that’s as much as some bottles of actual rosé on the market right now (frequently disappointing bottles, we hasten to add).

Rosé chocolate isn’t the first foray into quirky flavors from the the Los Angeles-based artisanal chocolatiers, they also offer donut and coffee, apple pie, and birthday cake flavored bars.

LLNYC’s prediction for the next big-thing? Rosé ice cream. You heard it here first. [Delish]