Students at Emma Watson’s high school would lose five points get detention for talking to her

Emma Watson attended high school at the Headington School in Oxford (credit: Wikipedia and Marco Bond)

All celebrities want is to be treated like everybody else (except, you know, with all the free clothes and adoration), so when Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger, attended high school at the Headington School in Oxford, the all-girls school went out of its way to ensure that her fellow students did not bug her — too much.

According to a new report in the British website, The Tab, the school set in place a series of rules for how Watson should be treated. Anyone who broke the rules would accrue “penalty points,” and when you got three of those, you would receive a detention. Yes, this does sound remarkably similar to the punishment system at Hogwarts.

Though the Tab doesn’t specify exactly what those rules were, the chief one seems to be not approaching Watson to ask for an autograph. “But nobody ever dared to ask her for an autograph.  I remember being told about it quite formally, and was really scared of getting a penalty point. At the time it would have been so embarrassing,” one student, who hung a sign in the cafeteria that read “Welcome Back Hermione,” told the Tab.

Still, it seems like even the smallest encounters with Watson made quite an impression on the students. “I once leant back on a cafeteria bench and my back touched hers,” said one. “She once asked me ‘is this the back of the pasta queue?’” another reminisced.

We just hope those rules weren’t so strict they scared away any potential friends. [The Tab]