7 unbelievably over-the-top properties for sale right now in Dubai

Donald Trump has got nothing on Dubai. The city is one of the wealthiest in the world and let’s just say the decorating style its upper class favors includes excess, gold, glitz and lots and lots of weird art. For proof, we rounded up a few of the most lavish properties on sale right now — warning, you may get blinded by the gold.

The Lakes Villa 
Price: $3,806,464
Type: Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 7,400 square feet
For any golf lovers, this property is located on the Emirates Golf Club. The “modernesque” villa features different wallpaper in every room (variety!) and comes with a private pool that can be covered for shade.

Grand Beachfront Villa
Price upon request
Seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 15,680 square feet
This home is located on a high point in Palm Jumeirah, the artificial archipelago that juts out into the ocean in the shape of — you guessed it! — a palm. This villa comes with open sea views and direct beach access.

Emirates Hills Villa with Full Lake View
Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, 25,000 square feet
Now isn’t this cozy? It’s hard to find something in this villa that is not gold or marble-plated. Well maybe the ceiling, which is painted to resemble the clouds. Or the eight “car parks.” Or the “angel statuary and lion head fountains” around the pool. Actually, scratch that, those are definitely made from marble or gold.

Emirates Hills Designer Villa 
Eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 32,398 square feet
This home was designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, who is known for his work on famous hotels, including the Savoy Hotel in London, the Shangri-La in Paris and The Peninsula Shanghai. It also has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a separate chauffeur’s quarter, golf course views, a 70 square foot safe room, a private spa and a theater and entertainment room. Basically, it’s a private hotel.

Full Floor Penthouse
Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, 12,500 square feet
This one is less gaudy than it is — bizarre. What is with that ceiling art? At any rate, it comes with six car parks, an indoor swimming pool, gym rooms and views of the Persian Gulf, Dubai Marina, Emirates Golf courses and Palm Jumeirah.

Lake View Emirates Hills Villa 
Six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, 15,000 square feet
We’re guessing the people who live here really like horses. It comes with a garden with views of the lake, a private swimming pool and en-suite bedrooms.

Exclusive Custom Villa
Six bedrooms, five bathrooms, 12,500 square feet
This home has no furniture in it, which we suppose is what they mean by custom. It does have those giant marble columns and floor and the painted sky. Not over-the-top at all…