There’s nothing more luxurious than waiting for the things we want the most

Cronuts, Hamilton tickets, Ippudo Ramen — there’ s a short list of things that New Yorkers will wait for, and an even shorter list of things that are worth the wait.

And yet, according to a new essay in T magazine, waiting for things — whether it be that cronut or a long-desired Birkin bag — may just be the most luxurious thing we can do in our instant, on-demand world. Being on a wait-list, author Heidi Julavits writes, signifies that what we are waiting for is something special that cannot be procured quickly.

“The list is made longer, of course, by the simple fact that there is a list — we want what others want — but that shouldn’t undermine the list’s original reason for being, which is that the most beautiful, highest-quality things cannot be crafted quickly.”

The problem with waiting? As Julavits points out, sometimes our waiting period can outlast us. “Waiting forces us to reckon with the fact that we have only a limited time on earth.” Yikes.

So waiting is fine and all, but personally, we may take the advice commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” [T magazine]