Crappy Airbnbs in Rio are asking ridiculously expensive prices during the Olympics

And you thought New York real estate was expensive! As Rio prepares itself for the Olympic games tonight, its more enterprising residents are taking advantage of the flood of visitors expected to arrive, listing their homes like crazy on Airbnb.

While there’s nothing wrong with this per se, we were a little surprised by the chutzpah some of these hosts have, charging thousands of dollars for what look like pretty horrible apartments. There are so many listings like this that we reached out to Airbnb to see if there’s some sort of currency exchange error happening. So far no word from them, but we’ll update this post if we hear more.

Price: $2,745 per night
Fits two guests in one bedrooms
Nothing says welcome to Rio better than this dark and dreary room! The listing notes that it is “perfect for up to a couple” (quote comes from translated Airbnb) and it is classified as a “dorm room” by Airbnb.

$1,339 per night
Fits four people in one bedroom on two beds
The listing notes that this pad is “cozy as your home” if your home is the basement of a hospital.

Six guests in three bedrooms
Because the question we all have when we rent an apartment is, what does it look like at night? 

Can fit 16 guests in six bedrooms
We seriously cannot get over how many beds they have managed to cram in this one room. The good news is extra guests are no charge.

Four guests in one bedroom
We like that the owners didn’t feel the need to turn the TV off when taking the photos. And they aren’t pretending to watch some pretentious “Mad Men” or anything either. No, no — in this house, we watch dinosaur cartoons and dinosaur cartoons only.