Got a million dollars? Convert your Rolls into a bespoke yacht

Rolls Royce Regatta

Ever wish your car looked more like a classic boat? (Nah, us either.) However, for Rolls Royce Wraith owners with a million dollars to spare, they can now transform their car into a yacht, according to Forbes. But the transformation is only surface deep — don’t try to drive custom Rolls in to the ocean.

SottoStudios has conceptualized the highly customizable vehicle, called the “Regatta,” which features a changeable inlaid hood, roof and trunk section. The naval transformation will then be executed by the Aria Group best known for building aircraft interiors and custom cars such as the Porsche Singer 911.

Rolls Royce Regatta
Rolls Royce Regatta

Eddie Sotto, experiential designer and Disney alum, told the BBC: “I wanted to bring a car up to the level of the Skyacht aircraft. It’s not a reproduction of a Rolls-Royce, but it’s a return to that handmade finish and Old World craftsmanship you’d expect in a car like that. Exposed joinery and craftsmanship like this are so rare in today’s world.”

This isn’t Sotto’s first rodeo. He is known for creating a plane that looks like a yacht as well — “Skyacht One” has the appearance of a flying boat. Its polished facade boasts a hand-painted mahogany “hull” and vertical stabilizer. Likewise its interior features whimsical maritime nods, from captain’s quarters to faucet controls that are reminiscent of the dual throttles on a powerboat.


In addition, SottoStudios’ newest plane concept, Skyranch, mimics a rustic seacraft. “On Skyranch One we strive to select finishes and details that tell a composite story every time you encounter them,” the studio asserts. “If it’s in a catalog, it’s not on board.”

While it may be a great idea in concept, will it really float as the latest millionaire-toy must-have? We sure hope the answer is, “Aye aye, Captain.”