Impractical English tower wants $1.4M

Across the pond in England’s fair county of Essex there is a tower for sale.

The Landmark Tower, which started life as a Victorian water tower, is on the market for £1.05 million ($1.36 million). According to Curbed, the property was converted into three luxury apartments in 2002 and was first listed two years ago for £1.25 million ($1.63 million) but failed to sell.

Now the tower appears to be one complete home, spread across an unconventional and rather impractical nine floors.

According to the listing it has three bedrooms, a utility room, a dressing room, a spiral staircase and an elevator (thank goodness). And a glance at the floor-plans reveals the seventh floor holds, well, pretty much nothing but hallways and a bathroom with no door.

The interior is equally as curious as it tries quite unsuccessfully to marry a modern and traditional styles.

Despite the difficult layout and the ugly decor, it’s still an actual tower, which makes it instantly cooler than most properties on the market right now. [Curbed]