Study: Homes in affluent areas have a bigger variety of bugs

Here’s some news that will either make you feel better about your middle-income hood or give you hives. Turns out those living in the toniest neighborhoods have the biggest variety of bugs. While that doesn’t mean those living in higher income areas have more insects in their home– just a far greater variety — that’s still creeps us out.

When people think about neighborhood diversity they tend not to focus on who has the widest variety of insect type flourishing in their abodes. And while variety may be the spice of life, these latest findings may bug some.

A recent study published in the journal “Biology Letters,” proves that homeowners in affluent neighborhoods play host to more species of arthropods than their poorer counterparts” explains The Washington Post.

Those wacky scientists — what will they think of next? — donned special gear and collected creepy crawlies from 50 homes in Raleigh, NC. While expecting to find the number of types of species of insects would depend on property square footage and foliage type, that didn’t seem to fly. Scientists got a surprise — turns out size didn’t play a factor at all. “We wound up analyzing the data a bunch of different ways,” postdoctoral researcher Misha Leong says. “I kept asking myself, ‘Is this a fluke?'” No, silly, a fluke is a fish, not an insect!

Because high-end homes in affluent areas tend to be in areas with more flowers and nature, these environments tend to attract a far greater variety of arthropods that can find their way into even the most well-guarded domiciles.

Scientists know that more studies need to be done, particularly on lower income properties, but conclude, “It’s a bit of a humbling fact that no matter how impervious you think your house is to the outdoors, it’s very easy for tiny things to find their way in.”

We predict an uptick in exterminator services and an increase of Raid purchases in mansions across America after residents get wind of this survey.