Love glamping? There is an app for that

Sometimes when you’ve been stuck in the city too long, camping seems like the perfect weekend retreat. Until you realize you don’t have supplies, don’t have any place to keep those supplies (even if you did have them), and you certainly don’t have a car to transport those supplies anywhere good.

Well now there’s Tentrr, which is pretty much Airbnb for real swanky camping.

Land owners with at least 10 acres of private property partner with the company to list their sites on Tentrr. The sites are private, hassle free (The Observer reports there’s no check-in or exchanging of keys) and are equipped with everything you need, including luxury yurt-like tents.

Michael D’Agostino, is the former Wall Street investment banker behind the site.

“We curate them to have amazing features: views, streams, swimming holes and meadows to run around and play in,” D’Agostino told the Observer.

“We’re trying to make camping literally as easy as getting an Uber to LaGuardia. You pack the car with delicious food and a pillow and enjoy it right off the bat,” he said.

Site costs range but average at $120 per night. [Observer]