Washington D.C. has been named the restaurant city of the year (yes, really)

Photo credit: Wendy Harman via Wikipedia

Of all the cities in America and all the food they have to offer — deep dish pizza in Chicago, bagels in New York, sushi in San Francisco — we can hardly believe that Washington D.C., land of mediocre food eaten by lobbyists and the Congressmen they are trying to butter up, has been named the restaurant city of the year by Bon Appétit magazine.

And yet, it is true. As the magazine prepares to announce its top ten best new restaurants on August 16, it decided to surprise us all in the meantime by granting the coveted title to our nation’s capital, noting that three DC restaurants — Bad Saint, The Dabney, and Tail Up Goat — had made it into their top 50 list of America’s Best New Restaurants. 

Andrew Knowlton, the magazine’s restaurant editor, makes a passionate defense of his choice, insisting that the city is in the midst of a restaurant renaissance, with great new neighborhood restaurants popping up everywhere.

“What all these restaurants have in common is fearlessness,” he writes. “These are chefs and restaurateurs who are simply taking their passions and diverse backgrounds and turning those into the restaurants of their dreams.”

Whatever you say, man. [Bon Appétit]