This Belgian aristocrat can build you your perfect garden — for $37.5M

The Albermarle Estate gardens in Virginia

While most people fantasize about the home of their dreams, for those who’ve already managed to buy it, the next step is planning (and planting) a garden to match. This weekend, the New York Times T magazine featured lovely photos of Anna Wintour’s sprawling and wild garden in Long Island, and now, Bloomberg introduces us to the go-to gardner for the one percent, François Goffinet.

Goffinet, who is a member of the Belgian royal family, does not just make any old gardens — he makes gardens for billionaires, including one that cost $37.5 million (his prices start at $2.2 million). “Clients give us their wish lists, we then price a project depending on the level of sophistication requested. I find that many of them want to recreate a memory of their grandparents’ garden,” he told Bloomberg. That’s almost kind of sweet.

Projects Goffinet has worked on include the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at the PepsiCo Headquarters (oddly enough); the gardens for the Albermare Estate in Charlottesville, Virginia for the late billionaire, John Kluge (it is now owned by Donald Trump); Leeds Castle in Kent; and Egerton Gardens and Onslow Square & Gardens.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Goffinet’s work, the Bank of Luxembourg is holding an exhibit honoring him, that will be open through September 15. [Bloomberg]