New line of rings allow lovers to feel each other’s heartbeats anywhere in the world


Talk about (literally) wearing your heart in your hand! A tech company called The Touch  recently launched a line of “HB rings,” which allow you to feel your lover’s heartbeat in real time, no matter where they are in the world. Perfect for those who are in long distance relationships or who just happen to be Stage-5 clingers, these seemingly simple bands are fashioned with sensors and can tell you if your love is still alive simply by tapping one’s finger.

The set of bands comes in two styles — jet black stainless steel and rose gold — and are available in six sizes. Each ring comes with unibody sapphire setting, which makes them scratch resistant as well as waterproof. After charging the device-turned-jewelry, one simply has to download the app (the ring connects via Bluetooth) and sync it with their partners’. The rings range in price from $599 for a pair of stainless steel rings and up to $2,990 for a pair of solid rose gold ones, complete with chargers.

According to The Touch’s Facebook page, the company designed the jewelry because, “It is great for people who are deeply in love and want to have more special feeling of connection, while it is also a very useful tool for people in dangerous professions such as the Military, Police Officers, Firefighters, Ambulance Workers, Pilots, Field Journalists and etc., whose lives are daily in danger, allowing their close ones to worry less, without disturbing them.” [Huffington Post]