“Bespoke” vacation packages are the next big thing for wealthy travelers


For some, simply laying on the beach sipping a cocktail is so last year. For those folks who now find the idea of a relaxing luxury vacation too basic, travel consultants got you covered. Adventure crafting firms are now creating bespoke (because everything sounds better with “bespoke” preceding it) travel experiences to take one’s holiday up a notch. For a pretty penny, intrepid adventurers can participate in the equivalent of an elaborate international scavenger hunt.

Screenshot+2015-09-29+12.20The Observer highlights one such firm, Jubel, which customizes travel itineraries based on specific interests. Broken down into six categories such as “Active Nature”, “Party Purist”, “Culturist”, “Oceanist”, “Chilled Nature” and “Jubeler”, each sets the specific tone for one’s trip. Users take an elaborate survey and express what areas of the world they are most interested in learning about and visiting. From there Jubel can cook up a one-of-a-kind vacation recipe. A travel consultant then leaves sealed envelopes at each location with recommendations.

Prices will vary, of course, depending on scope of travel, but the your tickets to beginning the perfect getaway starts with a small $350 deposit per person.