Brace yourselves, a Champagne shortage could be imminent

Start stocking up on bubbly! A disastrous trifecta in France’s Champagne region could lead to an equally disastrous Champagne shortage.

According to Decanter, bad weather, grape rot, and mildew has led to one of the lowest yielding Champagne seasons since the 1980s.

Problems started in spring, when late frosts hit the Côte des Bar region, where a quarter of the Champagne vineyards are.

Jean Pierre Fleury, winemaker at Champagne Fleury in Courteron told Decanter that the frost, which hit at bud break – the very start of a grape’s annual growth cycle – caused him to lose 70 percent of his potential harvest.

Then, later in the season, came the hailstorms. The hailstorms were followed by the sweeping mildew epidemic, and the cherry on top of the cake was the quickly spreading grey rot.

Sacré bleu!

However don’t panic too much, after all you could always swap to English sparkling wine, which back in April was voted better than champagne in a blind tasting[Decanter]