Chrissy Teigen and John Legend sell all of their Nolita apartment

Beautiful and cool power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have sold their beautiful and cool Nolita apartment at 374 Broome Street, the New York Observer reports. The apartment was last listed for $3.995 million.


Previously featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, the almost-2,000-square-foot apartment has two bedrooms and three bathrooms, which we guess is not enough for Teigen and Legend given their family is expanding (Teigen gave birth to their daughter Luna in April). The apartment is very stylishly decorated, and features cast iron columns, exposed brick, a Control4 smart home system, electric blinds, a gas fireplace, a chef’s kitchen (perfect for Teigen, who published a cookbook “Cravings” in May), a walk-in closet and radiant heated floors. There’s also, based on the photos, a piano where we presume Legend has spent many hours writing love songs for Teigen. Sighs.


Teigen and Legend purchased the apartment in 2012 for $2.55 million, so if they managed to sell at their asking price, they will have made out quite well on the sale. [NYO]






  • JEng

    My cousins sold that building aka 177 Mott Street for more than double the official sale price and are now supporting Don B Lee’s campaign even after we told their sister what he did to us re 117 Mott Street including giving his apartment keys to the brother in law of the gangsters who murdered my father after my mother told him and he claimed he already knew the reasons why she didn’t want to have unnecessary contact with that unit. I shudder to think what that developer interest will mean if he wins.

  • JEng

    What are the real estate taxes? That place didn’t even have a water meter so the bean sprout grower in the basement made out like a bandit.