Jean-Georges will open his new vegetarian-only restaurant in September

From serving hotdogs outside the Mark Hotel to cooking snacks for actual dogs, chef Jean Georges Vongerichten likes to keep his many, many fans on their toes. So it’s perhaps not-so-shocking that the Michelin-starred chef’s new restaurant will serve only vegetarian dishes– though he prefers if you don’t call it a vegetarian restaurant: “For me, it sounds like a disease,” the chef told New York magazine. “I like to call it a vegetable restaurant.”

Vongerichten’s latest venture will be part of the ABC Kitchen empire and will be called abcV. Unlike the so-called Impossible Burger, the vegetarian fare at abcV will not be a bizarre attempt to copy meat, but “will celebrate roots and shoots and leaves.”

Though there aren’t many details available yet about the menu, Vongerichten did tell New York Mag that the restaurant will have a breakfast menu that includes “buckwheat crêpes, dosas, congee, and the South Asian lentil-and-rice dish called kitchari.”

The restaurant is scheduled to open in September. [NYMag]