Diving for diamonds can cost more than buying them in the store

Give her a diamond she’ll never forget — one you mined yourself!

A new service from Benguela Diamonds  allows certified divers to go exploring for diamonds in the Benguela Current in Africa, where an estimated 1.5 billion carats worth of diamonds lie far beneath the ocean. Unlike traditionally mined diamonds, diamonds from this region are ethically sourced and almost all of them are gem quality.

The service costs $16,000, and starts with a private limousine ride to a private flight to a villa where you enjoy a catered breakfast and learn about your upcoming adventure. Divers go deep into the water, bringing back any promising gravel that gets sifted through a vibrating pan. There are so many diamonds in the water that every diver is “almost 100 percent guaranteed to find a diamond” a spokesperson for Benguela Diamonds told Bloomberg.

Just because you find a diamond, though, doesn’t mean you get to just walk away with it; local regulations require you pay taxes and fees for any diamond you take — which could add approximately $10,000 to the price of your experience. [Bloomberg]