Barbra Streisand faces ultimate rich person problem: Siri can’t pronounce her name

Apple’s next iPhone update might just include one very special addition… but you’ll only care if your last name is Streisand

The singer and sometimes actress Barbra Streisand gave an interview to NPR this weekend, and while it was of course filled with Broadway chatter, at one point during the segment interviewer Scott Simon grabbed his iPhone and asked the phone’s virtual assistant a quick question:

“Siri, who’s the only female vocalist who’s had hit records for six straight decades?”

“Barbra StreiZand,” Siri dutifully responded.

Uh oh.

“She pronounces my name wrong,” said Streisand.

And she was correct, the second syllable should be pronounced with, “a soft S, like sand on the beach I’ve been saying this for my whole career,” Streisand explained.

And rather than let this brazen indignity continue, what did the superstar do?

“I called the head of Apple, Tim Cook,” she said. “And he delightfully agreed to have Siri change the pronunciation of my name finally with the next update on September 30.”

No big deal. [NPR]