How to sell a Williamsburg apartment: Put hot, naked men in the listing photos


You’ve seen one rendering of a multi-million dollar listing, you’ve seen them all. Or so we thought — until we came across this listing for a $1.7 million apartment in a new building at 46 North Henry Street in East Williamsburg. Instead of (or, we should say, in addition to) the standard wide shots of a perfectly staged living room, the renderings have hip, twenty-something models sprinkled among the pictures to spice them up. And sometimes, they’re in some fairly compromising positions.


One of the brokers listing the apartment, Robert Earl of The InHouse Group, says the reason they decided to add the models to the listing photos was simply “to be different.” “Everything tends to look the same,” he explained, “we’re always trying new things.”

The photos are actually stills from a series of short videos The InHouse Group made to show how potential buyers might live in the space. Earl says they wanted to “depict the Brooklyn lifestyle” in these videos, and they certainly succeed; models wearing artfully ripped jeans and plaid shirts do things like barbecue, pour wine, play fooseball, dice tomatoes and — this is Brooklyn after all — play with a baby.

Our favorite of the videos, though? The one in which a nearly nude male model takes a shower (that one’s “kind of a grabber” Earl admits). If this is the “Brooklyn lifestyle,” then sign us up.