Fendi’s new residences in Miami have all the luxury amenities you’d expect (and one you don’t!)


It’s not cheap to deck yourself out in head-to-toe Fendi, and as it turns out it ain’t cheap to live head-to-toe in Fendi either.

The luxury fashion line has just opened up its first “brand project” in the United States (it also has a hotel in Rome), and it is an apartment building in Miami called Fendi Château, with pads that range in price from $6 to $25 million. The 12-story building has 58 units that are 3,325 to 7,000 square feet, with 10-11-foot ceilings and three to five bedrooms. The interiors are designed by — who else? — Fendi Casa, and residences will have access to the concierge service Luxury Attaché.



Of course, the building also comes with all the standard expected luxury amenities: a gym, a spa with a thermal pool, a fitness center that overlooks the ocean and two outdoor pools surrounded by “lush tropical gardens.”

One amenity on the list did jump out to us, however, and gives us a pretty clear view into what type of audience Fendi is trying to attract with this project. In addition to a private media center, the building also comes complete with shabbat elevators — or elevators that stop on every floor so religious Jewish people don’t have to press the button in the elevator on Shabbat. A bit odd perhaps, but we’re sure it’s a welcome feature for many people. Shalom Fendi!