Nacho Figueras allegedly slapped with lien over $1M in unpaid taxes

A marketing maven once told me, that in focus groups, Nacho Figueras, the polo star and face of Ralph Lauren, is one of the only male celebrities that straight guys will identify as attractive. I believe Brad Pitt was another one.

Unfortunately, though, the IRS finds Figueras, who is married to one of the wealthiest women in Argentina, much less sexy. For a third time the IRS has allegedly slapped a lien on the glamorous 39-year-old, according to Gossip Extra – which did not name a source.

This time, the IRS claims that he owes just over a million in unpaid taxes from the years 2011 to 2014. Last year, Figueras paid roughly about $350,000 to satisfy tax debts from 2005 to 2008, according to the South Florida gossip site.

The lien was place on South Florida’s Blackwatch Farms, where Figueras trains. The IRS also named Figueras’ model wife of 12 years, Delfina Blaquier.

Figueras, who is known to play polo with Prince Harry, is working on launching his own fashion line, however, sources tell LLNYC that his affiliation with Ralph Lauren has complicated the process. [Gossip Extra]