Rich people are hiding their homes from Google Maps

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In New York City, the rich and famous hide their addresses by buying homes under an LLC. In California (and other parts of the country), they do so by preventing Google Maps — or any other satellites — from taking photographs of their streets and neighborhoods.

Just take the address 23726 Long Valley Road in (appropriately named) Hidden Hills, California. There’s a listing for the home on Zillow — it is currently on the market for $6.8 million — but when you try to find it on Google Maps, the only thing you can see is a vague approximation of where Google thinks it is.

Some wealthy neighborhoods even go so far as to install jamming signals that prevent GPS trackers from working.

According to the FT, the reason for these extreme measures is that the rich and the famous don’t want anyone to be able to know where they live. “There was a time when people really flaunted their wealth; now they don’t,” an advisor to wealthy clients told the FT. “People’s priorities over the years have shifted. Now right at the top of the list it’s security.”

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