Is celebrity-branded wine for suckers?


Oh celebrities, what hallowed institutions won’t they desecrate? For decades now celebrities have used their public recognition to sell wine. But now a new photo-heavy book, “California Celebrity Vineyards,” is renewing the debate over whether celebrities are good or bad for the ancient wine business.

Celebrities like Trudy and Sting, Angelina and Brad, Drew Barrymore, Roger Daltry Kyle MacLachlan, Christina Milian, Zac Brown and Tituss Burgess of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have all started wine labels of late. The book profiles the vineyards of Mario Andretti, Randy Lewis, Jack Nicklaus, Luke Donald, Fess Parker, Raymond Burr, Frances Ford Coppola and Kurt Russell.

Basically, there is wine for almost any type of celebrity you fancy. But should you really be buying, or drinking celebrity branded wine?

“’California Celebrity Vineyards’ raises intriguing questions about how we vino buffs should relate to celebrity-tagged wines. Are any of them actually really good? Do they deliver value for the dollar? How involved with the winemaking should we expect celebrities to be? (Quick answer: Mostly, not very!) If you’re inclined to give the back of your hand to the whole business of celebrity wine, you’ll probably agree with veteran California winemaker Stuart Smith, who says, ‘My first thought is that celebrities getting into wine is God’s way of telling them that they have too much money,” the New York Post writes.

So what’s the verdict? Is it all fad and low quality? Should you just avoid wine owned by celebrities? Often yes, but the golden rule for wine is always to drink what you love, no matter who makes it (or claims to).


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