Women took Instagram pics of their dream vacation — before they were busted for allegedly carrying $22M worth of cocaine

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Two women from Quebec were having a dream vacation — and taking the Instagram pics to prove it —  until they were caught allegedly smuggling $22.3 million worth of cocaine in Australia.

Now, the two women, Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé, face a sentence of life in prison for their crimes. They had spent the past two months on a luxury cruise called the MS Sea Princess, which costs $15,000 and takes a number of stops between Southampton in the UK and Sydney, Australia. We could not find Lagacé’s Instagram account; it’s possible it’s been deleted.

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When they arrived in Sydney, the authorities s said they found 2,000 pounds of cocaine in their luggage and that of a 63-year old Quebec man, Andre Jorge Tamine. The connection between them is not clear, but he does not appear to have documented his trip on Instagram.

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According to Le Journal de Montréal, the Canada Border Services Agency and the US Department of Homeland Security Investigations were suspicious that the cocaine was aboard and that the girls were working for an organized criminal enterprise. Cocaine is notoriously much more expensive in Australia than in other places.

Well, at least Roberge and Lagace seemed to have enjoyed their trip before they got arrested! Roberge’s last post on Instagram read, “When you wake up and you need to take a nap.” To which someone commented: “Don’t snore too loud or you’ll wake your cell mate.” [JDM]

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