Chris Brown’s accuser is herself accused of stealing a $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag in the Plaza

Baylee Curran, The Plaza Hotel and Chris Brown (credit: Twitter and Wikipedia)

Well this adds a wrinkle to the story! Yesterday, TMZ reported that Chris Brown was being accused of pointing a gun at a woman who claims that she was only admiring some of the jewelry he kept in his house.

Now it’s come out that the woman who accused him of pulling the gun on her, beauty queen Baylee Curran, was herself accused of stealing in 2013, when she allegedly nabbed a $1,000 Louis Vuitton handbag from her friend at the Plaza Hotel.

According to TMZ, Curran and her lady friends were staying in the Plaza when they got in an argument. Curran allegedly took the purse — which was holding $200 in cash, a Michael Kors wallet and credit cards — and ran down the street, dropping the purse along the way but somehow managing to hold onto its contents.

The victim of the theft got a restraining order against Curran, who claims their friend was the one who snatched the purse, not her. The NYPD has had a warrant out for ever since the incident. [TMZ]