Scion to powerful Iranian banking family lists Central Park South apartment for $3M


Arya H. Bolurfrushan, a member of the powerful Iranian Bolurfrushan family and current director of the Bolurfrushan Group, has listed his combined apartment in the Trump building at 106 Central Park South for $2.995 million, according to StreetEasy.

The Bolourfrushans are an old industrialist family from Iran, who started out manufacturing and distributing crystal and glass in the 18th Century. They then moved into international banking, and started the first private bank and insurance companies in Iran (those companies later became nationalized during the Iranian Revolution). Today, most of their operations happen out of Dubai. In addition to serving as the director of the Bolurfrushan Group, Arya is also the General Manager & Chief Financial Officer of RAK Petroleum, General Partner of Emerge Ventures, Director of Arya Insurance, Venture Partner at ExistVenture and Director of Elevision Media.

Arya’s apartment is a combination of a one bedroom apartment and a studio apartment, which he bought for $1.15 million last September and $670,000 this August respectively. We aren’t sure how he was able to do the renovations necessary to combine the two places in less than a month, but the listing says it has already been combined and “renovated to the nines.” Now, the apartment has two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, wide plank floors and high-end appliances. The one bedroom certainly does look like it’s been renovated, but there do not appear to be any photos of what would have been the studio apartment. From the floorplans, that apartment looks like it is now the master bedroom. Take a look below.

The original living room
The updated living room
The original kitchen
The updated kitchen
The renovated bedroom (no before pictures available)
The updated bedroom (no before pictures available)
The original bathroom
The updated bathroom


The original floorplan
The expanded floorplan with the neighboring studio apartment attached
The neighboring studio apartment
The studio’s floorplan