Italian designers want men to wear fur shoes

Blame “Game of Thrones” (or those Ugg-wearing Australians), fur shoes are here and they’re a thing. And if that isn’t enough to get your head shaking, we would also like to note that they are for men.

Just when you thought your fur and dry cleaning bills were high enough, a trio of “cutting-edge Italian designers” have fashioned oh-so-fancy shoes for the “most open-minded, fashion-forward guy,” according to GQ. Looks like Italian designers have really run out of ideas, or forgotten what New York looks like a week after a heavy snow.

Gucci now has a slide-on, fur-lined loafer. Marni is debuting a pair of leather sandals with a fur-lined insole this fall. And, who else but Fendi would concoct a pair of shaggy slippers inspire by “monsters.” All of this shoes mind you cost around $1,000 a pair.

It’s not that we are against men wearing fur categorically. A raccoon fur coat has long been part of the natty collegiate look in winter months. But no, fur on your feet anywhere beyond your fireside lounge chair – or an avant-garde runway show – is lamebrained in the extreme.