Famed Yale watering hole gets resurrected by famed NYC restauranteur

Certain beloved establishments deserve to live on, even after their original owners can’t run them anymore. So when the Anchor Restaurant in New Haven, CT — a favorite of Yalies — shuttered its doors earlier this year, many were disheartened. However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the watering hole frequented by Ivy Leaguers and actors from nearby Shubert Theater is being resurrected by New York restaurateur and Yale alumnus Karl Franz Williams.

“I went up, took a look, read about the reaction people had to its closing,” he told the Times. “It had all the tenets of what you look for in a restaurant: great location and people were passionate about it.

The restaurateur behind Harlem’s 67 Orange Street and Solomon and Kuff plans on restoring the joint to its original late 1930’s glamour. To do so, he has enlisted the help of local historian Colin Caplan and the former director of architecture of Tiffany & Co., Deverell Smith. While he wants to spruce up the venue and preserve the bar’s “gritty charm” with “modern polish”, the food and drink menus are getting a total revamp. Move over bar food — Williams has introduced far fancier fare like a grilled octopus dish with fennel and next-level cocktails like the botanical-inspired rum libation “Yale Beets Harvard”.

While the venue is now open to the public, its official grand opening will happen this fall. [NYT]