There is a shark infestation in the Hamptons (and we don’t mean the Wall Street kind)

(Image Credit : Terry Goss via wikimedia)
(Image Credit : Terry Goss via wikimedia)

With Labor Day just around the corner, it’s almost time for all the summer-loving humans to depart from the Hamptons. But apparently, the party is just getting started for the sharks.

Ocean research organization, Ocearch, has discovered a nursery and possibly even the birthing site of great white sharks in the North Atlantic — and it’s right off the coast of Montauk.

The find is “probably the most significant discovery we’ve ever made on the ocean,” said Chris Fischer, founder of Ocearch, to CBS.

It’s thought that knowing where great whites give birth and raise their young will lead to better protection policies and far more scientific knowledge for researchers when it comes to the sharks – which are considered a “vulnerable” species by the World Wildlife Federation.

Ocearch’s website has a very cool map which allows you to track the sharks the organization has tagged. When LLNYC checked, there were 11 hanging around Long Island, so keep a look out for fins this weekend. [CBS]