Starbucks is starting to serve weekend brunch with Belgian waffles

Just when you thought brunch couldn’t get any more commercial, Starbucks has started –quietly — to serve it.

According to the blog, Starbucks Melody (which bills itself as covering “Unofficial Starbucks News & Culture”), the coffee chain is experimenting with serving brunch options in 78 of its Portland and Seattle locations. The main dish seems to be “Sweet Belgian Waffles” with powdered sugar and blueberries, which the blogger says are “the perfect combination of sweet, crunchy, and flaky.”

In addition to the waffles, Starbucks is also offering Baked French Toast and Quiche with cage-free eggs as part of their brunch menu. The food is available from 8 am to whenever it sells out on weekends only.

Honestly, it doesn’t look much worse than the brunch fare at many places in the city that are much more expensive. But before we commit to brunching at the ‘bucks, the company needs to answer a fundamental question: Will they also be serving brunch-time mimosas? Because otherwise, good luck getting New Yorkers to go. [Starbucks Melody]