Lead engineer of the Twin Towers lists UWS condo for $2.6M

Leslie E. Robertson and his apartment at 100 Riverside Boulevard (photo credit: Leslie E. Robertson Associates)

Leslie E. Robertson, head of Leslie E. Robertson Associates, and his wife, fellow engineer Sawteen See, have listed their condo at 100 Riverside Boulevard for $2.65 million, according to StreetEasy.


Robertson was the lead structural engineer of the Twin Towers as part of the engineering firm Magnusson Klemencic Associates (Robertson later left the firm to found his own). A report on the buildings’ design by FEMA after the towers fell found that “many structural and fire protection features of the design and construction were found to be superior to the minimum code requirements,” a chief reason why the towers did not immediately collapse.


Other notable projects Robertson’s firm has worked on include the World Trade Center Freedom Tower, the Time Warner Center, the Bank of China Tower, the Newseum in Washington D.C., The Gagosian Gallery in New York and the Broad Art Museum in Los Angeles. Sawteen See is a managing partner at Leslie E. Robertson Associates.


Robertson and See’s 1,309-square-foot apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, river views from every room and a chef’s kitchen. The couple paid a little more than $1.8 million for the apartment in 2008.





    WHY IS THIS NEWS????? It shouldn’t be news when a “celebrity” lists an inexpensive home, but you think it is when an engineer for the twin towers is? We are in the Real Estate capital of the world and THIS is what you come up with? YIKES!

  • rothmere

    But since they did I have one question. Did the builders pre-prep, build into -in advance- the Twin Towers Suite of Buildings a [legal and protective] recourse capacity for immediate demolition in the event of any catastrophic event (not nec. 911)? In other words were the buildings pre-prepped for demolition during construction in some engineering way for public safety reasons in event of uncontrollable calamity after they were built (so they would, after all, not in one piece tip and fall (Eastward) into the Lower Manhattan neighborhoods and wreak (further) unimaginable destruction of L. Manh.). Would this not indicate rationale also of take down of No. 7 for Insurance liability purposes. This of course is separate issue of how/why the attacks (if/when were permitted to occur -or not?) occurred. Please note no ‘conspiracy theorizing’ is implied herein. Of course other than the complete confidentiality nec. of any doomsday switch existence (necessarily due to appurtenant property/life/casualty causitive risk to the owner(s) making the (conceivably) life/death decision) it makes sense; maybe some ideas are joined in comments. Thanks.