David Geffen plans $2 million renovation for East Hampton mansion

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Entertainment mogul David Geffen – who seems to have spent his summer with everyone from Tom Hanks to Mariah Carey – has got big plans for his new $70 million East Hampton mansion.

The DreamWorks SKG co-founder was reportedly represented by a team of attorneys, architects and consultants at a recent meeting with the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals. The topic on the table? His proposed $1.9 million renovation plan.

(Image Credit : google maps)
(Image Credit : google maps)

According to the East Hampton Star, the renovations would include converting a covered patio at the main house into a finished cellar, adding a 1,045-square-foot garage with a roof terrace onto the house, expanding a swimming pool patio, constructing walkways, patios, steppingstones, pool fencing, and retaining walls, replacing existing air-conditioning units and adding another unit, and filling and grading the land.

“It is a very complicated application,” said Frank Newbold, the board’s chairman, to the East Hampton Star.

No decision was made, and the hearing was left open and tentatively scheduled to resume on September 23. [East Hampton Star]