Forget a personal assistant, you need an Instagram husband: Video


New York Fashion Week is upon us; meaning shows, parties, swag bags and maybe most importantly of all – picture opportunities galore. For those of us that aren’t lucky enough to have snagged ourselves a doting and helpful “Instagram Husband” or wife, chore crowdsourcing app TaskRabbit has stepped up to help.

Described by Fashionista as the doting person in your life willing to drop everything to take your photo, and whose sole objective is to make you look good, an Instagram Husband is a super hot commodity. Watch the hilariously informative video below for more info.

According to TaskRabbit’s website, “Taskers can step in as your Instagram Husband (or Wifey) and take care of all your behind-the-scenes tasks during New York Fashion Week – from snapping your #ootd and lightly editing photos before you post, to carrying your gift bags and handling your sample returns. Note: Instagram Husbands and Wives are a coveted commodity and are available while supplies last!”

According to Fashionista, while rates vary, the average price for the Instagram Husband is $45 per hour. But really, you can’t put a price on a well-liked post. [Fashionista]