The penthouse in Donald Trump’s new D.C. hotel will cost $500,000 during the inauguration

Win or lose, Donald Trump is preparing to make a killing on election day. The Republican candidate’s new hotel, the Trump International Hotel in DC on Pennsylvania Avenue, is having its soft opening next week, guaranteeing that Trump will in some way have a presence in DC no matter what — even if it isn’t in the White House.

Ever the businessman, Trump has already set rates for the Trump Townhouse suite, which will have 6,300 square feet, a private entrance and a dining room that can accommodate 24 diners. Ordinarily, this opulence will cost $18,750-a-night, according to the Times. But during the inauguration, it will cost $100,000-a-night for a minimum of five nights.

The hotel is located in the historic Old Post Office building, and Trump’s winning bid for the project was a very controversial one indeed. Many people associated with the project quit, including two chefs, its architect and the preservationist hired to oversee the renovations.

Personally, we think the hotel actually looks remarkably tasteful for Trump, though we’re not sure it will appeal to everyone. As one DNC official put it,  “I don’t think a lot of Democrats are going to be staying there.” [NYT]